Our Handy Helpers program is a unique opportunity to help children in our community.  For only $150, you can be a Touch A Truck® Jackson Handy Helper.  Your generous support will provide admission for one classroom or student group of at least 25 children from the Metro Jackson area that might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.  Selection of the groups will be based on need,  geographic location and transportation.  (The Junior League of Jackson will not provide transportation.)

To become a Handy Helper for 2017, please click here.

Thank you to our 2017 Handy Helpers!

Amanda Annison
Heather Avery
Sophia Azordegan
Jean Bertas
Patty Ann Bogue
Jennifer Boydston
Cecil Brown
Tammye Brown
Katherine Bryant
Copeland, Cook Taylor & Bush, P.A.
Lauren Dendy
Susan Densmore
Susan Eastus
Laura Evans
Hilda Margaret Gill
Kimberly Hardy
Whitney Harris
Cora Beth Hartfield
Missy Heidelberg
Mallory Hemphill
Rebecca Henley
Jenny Holloway
Tyler Jeter
Stacey Jordan
Sarah Juckett
Jamkie Kerr
Melissa Koehl
Lauren Lawhorn
Douglas Loftin
Frances McCarty
Melissa McCoy
Sara McCrary
Kimberly McGee
Smith McIntosh
Sherry McIntyre
Jennifer Michel
Melanie Morgan
Betsey Mosby
Beth Murray
Katy Pacelli
Whitney Pleasant
Jasmine Powell
Laura Pressler
Katherine Puckett
Ann Purcell
Sarah Reily
Carole Richardson
Lauren Ridgway
Melissa Robbins
Alisha Rushing
Mike Satter
Holly Savorgnan
Jia Scott
Bethany Smith
Michelle Smith
Suzanne Sones
Jaime Stein
Laura Tate
Meriwether Truckner
Anna Watson
Katie Williams
Emily Witcher